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Are you looking for Norwegian-English-Norwegian translation services of the highest quality?

No Problem ANS is a specialist company offering translation services between Norwegian and English or Welsh, carried out by qualified, state-authorised translators.

Market leaders since the 1980s in the fields of culture, tourism, business and literature.

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No Problem saw the light of day in 1987. The very first translation was descriptive text for a local-authority video about the coast of Northern Norway. Our staff translators have between them well over half a century's experience in technical translating.

The Company grew substantially as a result of work in connection with the Winter Olympics at Lillehammer in 1994, and moved into larger offices, initially in Norway and more recently in Britain.

Qualifications of our staff translators include a PhD and a background as a university language teacher. They are also Chartered ("state authorised") Translators (Norway has a system of state authorisation operated by the Ministry of Education and Research, in which professional translators who have passed the relevant examinations administered by the BI Norwegian Business School are sworn in and issued with a state-controlled official stamp for confirming the legality and accuracy of translated documents).



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